Bipolarity is not a joke, the more bipolar you are the faster you change your mood, be careful you fall!. The cheerful flowers are your checkpoint. 

This game was inspired by the theme "Colors" and limitation "All animations must use 2 frames" for mini-jam-62-colors.


  • Directional arrows to move horizontally. 
  • Space button to jump. 
  • If you fall you lose a life, be careful!.


Toches Games is made up of a team of 6 people, in this particular project only 3 of them worked.

The game was created in 72 hours, all assets (except sound) were created by the team during jam time. The code was started from scratch during this time and no previous code from other projects was reused.

This game these sounds from freesound:
"Die Sound" by ebcrosby (https://freesound.org/people/ebcrosby/)

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